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 I would recommend Lindsey. I had another insurance group visit me here in Myrtle Beach at my residence, they only offered me upscale plans that would of cost me more money on top of the original Medicare, got a completely different story from Lindsey's group. I am Happy with my decision to let her sign me up.  
- Donald H.


 This place is the greatest!!! Helped my hubby and I with all our needs. Professional and knowledgeable. We found a diamond with these good people!!  
- Wendy W.


 Great help explaining a complicated process!  
- Kim C.


 Efficient, knowledgeable, friendly. Entire staff very professional and GREAT experience!  
- Debbie B.


 The Medicare Enrollment Center with Lindsey LeDonne is such an excellent company. This is a family run business and Lindsey is very professional, kind, and very knowledgeable. She always takes my phone calls or if she is busy, she always returns my calls. She is very patient and takes a great deal of her time answering and explaining things to me. I highly recommend this company!!  
- Maureen B.


 Their service was exceptional. Their recommendations fit my need perfectly.  
- Max G.


 Lindsey and her father were very helpful in helping me find a new Medicare advantage plan. They handled all my paperwork for signing up and when I had questions they researched them for me. They are friendly and knowledgeable and I will be using them again.  
- Sandy J.


 Every year Scott and Lindsey come out to meet with me and a group of my friends to go over the Medicare changes taking place. They go over the plan benefits for the upcoming year, check our doctors and prescriptions, and ensure we are on a plan that best fit our needs for the lowest possible cost. Scott and Lindsey are also always there whenever we have questions. They are a huge help with our Medicare!  
- Sharon I.


 I can't thank Scott and Lindsey enough. I needed help with my prescription costs. They helped me enroll into a program that will help lower my prescription costs. They also helped me throughout the year, making sure I stayed in the program.  
- Carolyn J.